About Dr. Yuan Wang, L.Ac.,

Yuan Wang, L.Ac., is a member of the teaching faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego in addition to praciticing at The Source Chinese Medical Clinic in Poway, California.

Dr. Wang earned her Bachelor's of Medicine from Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1983 and her Master's from Tianjin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During her time at Chengdu, Dr. Wang was a lecturer, researcher and physician-in charge for the Departments of Medicine, Kidney Diseases, Digestive Diseases, and the Research Institute of Blood Diseases at the Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. She also participated on research teams investigating stroke, cancer, diabetes, and menstrual disorders. In addition, she helped design course curricula and textbooks for the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1995, she moved to the United States and, in 1997, she began teaching at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in New Mexico, where she worked for five years before moving to San Diego.

In addition to co-authoring the award-winning Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life (Da Capo Lifelong, 2010) with Warren Sheir and Mika Ono, she is the author of the following articles: "Etiology and Pathology of TCM," 1986, Peoples' Press of Public Health, Beijing, China; "Studies and Test Skills of TCM," a series of articles, 1987-1989. She also joined the editorial board of Great China Encyclopedia, "Column of Medicine," 1989-1995.