Dr. Wang is wonderful! I have been in her care for almost 4 years and have been helped in so many ways. I thought acupuncture was a last chance for my chronic pain, but what I found out is that Dr. Wang in combination with her caring art of acupuncture has given me more than I ever expected. Not only am I relieved of pain, but my whole outlook is much more optimistic. I am a healthier person because of her treatment plan. I feel great making this 'last chance for hope', I only wished I had met Dr. Wang earlier in my life and started treatment sooner!
- Alysia in San Diego, CA

Yuan Wang has been my 'Chinese Medicine' doctor for many years. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine is unsurpassed. She is able to accurately assess a patient's symptoms by integrating the most important areas into a holistic picture. Her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs gives her the tools to apply to every conceivable human condition. Her gentle expertise with acupuncture needles makes it possible for her to treat even the most reluctant patient, including small children. Her amazing experience with Chinese herbs is awe-inspiring. Time and again, she has been able to provide just the right combination of herbs for me to allow my body to heal, even in the most severe situations. These are all good reasons for returning to her on a regular basis. Yet, I would say that her genuine concern for her patients, delivered with much graciousness, is her central strength.
- Eva in San Diego, CA

Yuan Wang has helped me with various health ailments, and I continue to see her bi-monthly for health maintenance. I am very pleased with her competence and professionalism, and she always makes me feel at ease. Because her treatments contribute a great deal to my health, I highly recommend her without hesitation.
- MN in San Diego, CA